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SUSYTools: muon update: calib options highPt + eff DFCommonDrJet decoration

Sara Alderweireldt requested to merge salderwe/athena:ST/MuonCalib into 21.2

Combined update on the muon side:

  • Calibration:

    • Configure the MuonCalibrationAndSmearingTool with do2StationsHighPt=true if muId=4
    • Add flag to allow turning on doExtraSmearing=true
      (when doExtraSmearing=true is set, do2StationsHighPt is automatically disabled on the CP tool side)

  • Efficiency (ATLSUSYBGF-541)

    • Make sure both dRJet and DFCommonJetDr muon decorations are set to -2.0 if they're not present in the derivation.
      If only one of the two is available, set the other to the same value.
    • Add muEffCorrForce1D flag, which forces the decorations to -2.0 if set to true.
    • Override to DFCommonJetDr=-2 if muEffCorrForce1D=true, or set fallback dRJet=-2 if DFCommonJetDr is not present in the derivation.
Edited by Sara Alderweireldt

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