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SUSYTools: BTagging defaults / JetTruthLabelingTool / METSyst RandomSeed

Sara Alderweireldt requested to merge salderwe/athena:ST/JetTLTool_BTag_MET into 21.2

Four edits to SUSYTools:

  1. Move BTagging default config to 2020-21-13TeV-MC16-CDI-2020-03-11_v3.root, using 201810 timestamp, both for regular and VRTrack jets
  2. Move up modifyJet() call for JetTruthLabeling to before FillJet to have decorations included
  3. Set setRandomSeed() for MET systematics reproducability
  4. Update ctest test files and ignore extra info printout

! Reference files have been updated to accomodate these changes

Edited by Sara Alderweireldt

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