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Make selection read handles systematics aware

Jon Burr requested to merge jburr/athena:SysSelectionReadHandle into 21.2

This should allow us to have selections with systematic variations and read them as part of the selection accessors.

As part of this I had to shift the SysDecorationHandle to use a standalone messaging namespace (ANA_MESSAGE_HEADER+ANA_MESSAGE_SOURCE) rather than using AsgMessagingForward. It would be possible to do this with the older class, but would make a lot of the calls around the selection read handle a lot uglier.

I also forgot to turn my code formatter off so there are quite a lot of changes which are only formatting. On balance I prefer to keep these but if makes the review too hard I can also try and revert the changes which are pure formatting.

Note that this only changes the read handle class, not any of the places that use it - they also need to be updated to pass in the correct systematic and to call preExecute where necessary. If it's preferred I can also do that in this MR.

Tagging @krumnack and @tadej for info.

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