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Update track isolation variables used in isolation WPs

Yohei Yamaguchi requested to merge yoyamagu/athena:IsoWP into master

IFF tested the new TTVA WPs provided by Tracking CP for lepton track isolation, and decided to use Nonprompt_All_MaxWeight WP in rel22. This MR includes:

  • update the decorator/accessor of isolation variables in xAODPrimitives
  • update isolation WPs in IsolationSelection package
  • update derivation/analysis frameworks to use the new track isolation variables

More information can be seen on

tagging @htorres , @mvanadia , @gartoni , @jmaurer and @jpoveda

also tagging @fcardill , @tdado and @omajersk for AnalysisTop, as well as @cmerlass and @janders for SUSYTools

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