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Cherry picking the fixes for Muon crashes

Edward Moyse requested to merge cherry-pick-d6c70d2a into 22.0-mc20

Merge branch 'reduce_IOVRange_of_SiDetElementCollections_to_TrackingGeometry_IOVRange' into 'master'

ATLASRECTS-6523 Part II: Reduce IOV Range for SiDetElements to match TrackingGeometry

See merge request !45539 (merged)

Pinging @pberta @rmazini @goetz @mhodgkin

I'm not sure if this is needed or not, but I'm not sure why we setup a mc20 branch with all the associated machinery, if it wasn't to help make a stable release (but I've been offline for two weeks, so feel free to close if I've misunderstood something)

(cherry picked from commit d6c70d2a)

acea5513 reduce IOV Range for SiDetElements to match TrackingGeometry 4ac440de add dep on both Pixel and SCT GeoAlignmentStores dc77f3f4 add TRT, Muon and SCT dependencies to config. ITk config still missing a2c4c49f add lots of debug output for the CI tests. fix config Key 0d004881 remove debug output, add muonDetectorCondAlg to 449e1cd5 Merge remote-tracking branch... b1fbd0f0 MuonConfig: Add new config-flag 'Muon.enableAlignment' 39aeadfa Fix typo 4cf5129e SCT_GeoModelConfig: Use new flag Muon.enableAlignment e42fe7df InDetAlignFolders: Set dependency on MuonDetectorManger CDO only if not isMC... 7a886177 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fromRobert 3c27235c ComponentAccumulator, conf2Configurable-layer: Check for TypeError and... 424a77db Add dependency of SCT_DetectorElementCondAlg and... 14990691 fix typos & copy-paste errors 36e0e10c add Goetz' patch to setup IOVRange Keys in TGConfig, consolidate 70155412 restrict to MT so ST can run until condSeq is reordered 4a55e9c3 remove old overlayFlags import

Edited by Edward Moyse

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