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SUSYTools update: tau / fjvt / mc20

Sara Alderweireldt requested to merge salderwe/athena:STr22_Tau-fJVT-PRW into master

Minor updates for SUSYTools following:

  • !47760 (merged): ApplyMVATES flag removed, following defaults for tool setup - this fixes the error in the nightly ctests since 28/10
  • !47481 (merged): RecalculateFjvt=false set as default for common use with e.g. DAOD_PHYS, made configurable for rare other cases - allows testing with mc20
  • !39910 (merged): JetContainer=m_defaultJets to avoid warning from JetCleaningTool we've been dragging around for a while
  • !47722 (merged): added four new plots in test script to better see effects of additional tau content since removing tau thinning
  • minor updates to PRW config and test script to allow testing with mc20
  • set btagging algo default to DL1r
  • updated ctest refs taking into account all changes; again a reminder that we set the test to only fail on warnings/errors, not general info printouts

tagging: @cmerlass & @mrimoldi

Edited by Sara Alderweireldt

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