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Adding TLA Chains to LS2_v1 for Rate/Cost analysis

Marco Montella requested to merge mmontell/athena:TLA-Cost into master

Tagging @dzanzi @khoo for review:

The following chains are added to LS2_v1:


Potential baselines:

HLT_j20_pf_ftf_PhysicsTLA_L1J100 HLT_j20_pf_ftf_preselj180_PhysicsTLA_L1J100 (baseline w/ presel) HLT_j20_pf_ftf_preselj140_PhysicsTLA_L1J100 (more aggressive, check CPU)

Chains to check CPU cost and storage: HLT_j0_pf_ftf_DJMASS200j20_PhysicsTLA_L150 and L1J100, with and without preselj180 HLT_j0_pf_ftf_DJMASS500j35_PhysicsTLA_L150 and L1J100, with and without preselj180

ISR photon + Jets

HLT_g35_loose_3j25_PhysicsTLA_L1EM22VHI (baseline EMTopo) HLT_g35_tight_3j25_PhysicsTLA_L1EM22VHI (baseline EMTopo, tight)

HLT_g35_loose_3j25_pf_ftf_PhysicsTLA_L1EM22VHI (baseline EMTopo) HLT_g35_tight_3j25_pf_ftf_PhysicsTLA_L1EM22VHI (baseline EMTopo, tight)

Multijet TLA

HLT_j60_pf_ftf_j45_pf_ftf_2j20_pf_ftf_PhysicsTLA_L1J45p0ETA21_3J15p0ETA25 (potential baseline with pflow)

HLT_j60_0eta290_020jvt_pf_ftf_j45_0eta290_020jvt_pf_ftf_2j20_0eta290_020jvt_pf_ftf_PhysicsTLA_L1J45p0ETA21_3J15p0ETA25 (potential baseline with pflow and eta cut + jvt)


As the bJet TLA implementation is still being perfected, the following chains do not yet have the PhysicsTLA tag.

#pflow multijet HLT_j60_pf_ftf_j45_pf_ftf_2j20_pf_ftf_boffperf_L1J45p0ETA21_3J15p0ETA25 HLT_4j20_pf_ftf_boffperf_L1J45p0ETA21_3J15p0ETA25 HLT_j20_pf_ftf_boffperf_L1HT190-J15s5pETA21

#pflow di-bjet HLT_j20_pf_ftf_boffperf_L1J100 HLT_j20_pf_ftfboffperf_L1J50_DETA20-J50J

Chains that we failed to add to the menu because of errors/inconsistencies/misconception in the chain name:


HLT_g35_loose/tight_3j25_pf_ftf_presel2j25_PhysicsTLA_L1J00 (it looks like calo presel is not supported in combined chains?)


Did not actually test this, but it would seem that the diJet hypo scenario can only check the invariant mass condition between the leading and subheading jets, which in this case would imply that the photon would enter the mjj calculation in place of a legitimate jet a good amount of the time. Is this assessment correct?


The Run 3 TLA developers group [@cantel @tberry @doglioni @mmontell @fpastore]

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