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TrigJetMonitoring - add simple monitoring for jets in the L1_jFexSRJetRoI container.

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This container is produced by jet trigger chains with 'jJ' in the chain name.

Algorithm to produce the plots (subclasses AthMonitoringAlg): TrigJetMonitoring/src/TrigL1JFexSRJetMonitorAlgorithm.h, cxx TrigJetMonitoring/src/components/TrigJetMonitoring_entries.cxx

Configuration changes to use the new Algorithm: TrigMonitoring/TrigJetMonitoring/python/ TrigMonitoring/TrigJetMonitoring/python/

Monitoring kinematics for chains: L1_jJ40, L1_jJ50, L1_jJ160

ATR-24815 ATR-24491

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