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continuous2D implementation in xAODBTaggingEfficiencyTool

Ilaria Luise requested to merge iluise/athena:21.2-continuous2d-v2 into 21.2

Restructuring of the xAODBTaggingEfficiencyTool tools in order to:

  • remove some string comparisons
  • remove tag+cveto implementation and substitute with a real Continuous2D implementation
  • implement the continuous2D in truth tagging
  • change the way the SFs are retrieved in truth tagging. Now they are retrieved only after the permutation has been chosen (more similar to the direct tagging)
  • validated in the VHbb workflow for fixed cut/continuous and continuous2d separately running on ttbar pwpy8 before and after the changes. slides in preparation.

IMPORTANT: useVetoWP = False argument now replaced with useCTag = False. This affects only the analyses actually using the b-veto implementation.

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