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Draft: Addition of GNN b-tagger into HLT with test chains added

A new gnn tagger GN120220813 has been added to the bjet HLT code. Working points for the new tagger have been defined and the following test chains added:

  • HLT_j80c_020jvt_j55c_020jvt_j28c_020jvt_j20c_020jvt_SHARED_3j20c_020jvt_bgn182_pf_ftf_presel2c20XX2c20b85_L1J45p0ETA21_3J15p0ETA25
  • HLT_e26_lhtight_ivarloose_mu22noL1_2j20_0eta290_020jvt_pf_ftf_bgn185_L1EM22VHI

The following tests have been successfully ran:

  • -m -j4
  • ctest -j4

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