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Addition of prompt/LRT muon OR removal to SUSYTools

The MuonLRTOverlapRemovalTool is added to SUSYTools capabilities. The config ("SUSYTools_Default.conf" and "SUSYTools_Default_Run3.conf") have been modified to include a new flag Muon.LRTOR. If set to true, the flag creates a new merged container ("Muons" + "MuonsLRT" --> "StdWithLRTMuons") with the default strategy within SUSYObjDef_xAOD::GetMuons.

Branch was created with release/22.2.98:

git checkout -b dev_LRT_prompt_OR_removal release/22.2.98 --no-track

To test, 5000 event ttbar DAOD samples were generated using DerivationLLP. These samples, log outputs, and the standard ctest logs are located publicly at /afs/ I also checked that the functions from LRTMuonAnalysisTools/MuonLRTOverlapRemovalTool.h are properly being called with a sparse checkout of LRTMuonAnalysisTools and (removed) printouts.

Tagging @ancsmith , @longjon, @ycao , @mrimoldi ,@salderwe , @cmerlass

Notes on unit tests

Logs are available at /afs/


Passed after seting muLRT->false in SUSYTools config.

ttbar Run 2 derivation LLP unit test:

SUSYToolsTester mc20_13TeV_410470.root maxEvents=10 isData=0 isAtlfast=0 Debug=1 NoSyst=0 2>&1 | tee log

log file: log_mc20_13TeV_410470

mc20_13TeV_410470.root is a 5000 event DAOD from DerivationLLP from container: mc20_13TeV.410470.PhPy8EG_A14_ttbar_hdamp258p75_nonalhad.recon.AOD.e6337_s3681_r13145 Grid job to produce test DAOD:

ttbar Run 3 derivation LLP unit test:

SUSYToolsTester mc21a_13p6TeV_601229.root maxEvents=100 isData=0 isAtlfast=0 Debug=0 NoSyst=0 PRWFile=dev/PileupReweighting/mc16_13TeV/pileup_mc21a_dsid601229_FS.root ilumicalcFile=GoodRunsLists/data22_13p6TeV/20220922/ilumicalc_histograms_None_428648-430648_OflLumi-Run3-001.root

log file: log_mc21a_13p6TeV_601229

mc21a_13p6TeV_601229 is a 5000 event DAOD from DerivationLLP from container: mc21_13p6TeV.601229.PhPy8EG_A14_ttbar_hdamp258p75_SingleLep.recon.AOD.e8453_s3873_r13829 Grid job to produce test DAOD:

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