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Fixing muon trigger SF tool

Tomas Dado requested to merge tdado/athena:MuonTriggerSFToolFix into master

This MR does multiple things. Please, find the list of changes below, ordered by their importance.

  • Adding some warning pritnouts to places where I think warning should be printed
  • Updating the list of RunNumbers for 2022 period H
  • Adding a temporary "hack" that skips reading Tight WP for 2022 as this is not supported, see the discussion in ATR-26842
  • The most important change is that I removed the default runNumber "fallback" as this does not work dfor Run 3 (there is no good default for Run 2 and Run 3) and instead just throw exceptions when unknown run number is encountered. This is probably much safer behaviour instead of a silent failure and using wrong SFs.

Note that the last change also fixes a bug where the default fallback run number represented 2017 period K and the code returned a minimum between the run number for the event and the fallback number, resulting in all runNumbers after 2017 to be identified as 2017, meaning 2017 SFs were used for 2018 MC! The changes here will make sure this does not happen again as there will be no fallback solution.

This bug is also present in R21.2, once the changes here are agreeded on and merged, a similar MR needs to be done for 21.2 (cannot automatically sweep the changes here due to conflicts).

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