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Set PartonShower automatically when using the new JES recommendations

Andrea Helen Knue requested to merge (removed):21.2-AutDSID-NewJESRec into 21.2

Hi @omajersk @ravinab @sahinsoy and @thsteven ,

I modified some code to allow the PartonShower to be read automatically by AnalysisTop when using the new JES precision recommendation. The changes are as follows:


  • remove the "JetMCtoMCCalibration" option, since the user should not be able to overwrite the PS by hand
  • add a new TDPPath_JES to point to the TDPPath which contains the additional column with the PS information


  • take DSID and look for corresponding PS value, but only if the JES recommendations are switched on
  • then set this parton shower value with "jetMCtoMCCalibration(shower)

TopDataPreparation: here I made more changes, and you have to check if you are happy with them

  • I removed the reading of the XSup/down values completely, since we never had this information to bein with, so the option is never used
  • read now in the 5th column as the Shower type for JES
  • check if the PS value for the JES from TopDataPreparation is actually allowed, otherwise return "undefined"
  • if the value is missing completely, set to "undefined" as well

There was no need for me to touch TopCPTools, since that one does already what we want if the PS is not set correctly. I tested the code with and without the PrecisionRecommendation flag for a pythia8, herwig704, herwig713 and Sherpa221 sample, and saw the behaviour I intended.

Cheers, Andrea

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