Update Tau reconstruction tests

Antonio De Maria requested to merge ademaria/athena:update_test into main

make the following two tests running in standalone mode:

  • tau_standalone_LCTopo_ESDtoAOD.py
  • tau_standalone_EMTopo_ESDtoAOD.py

update input ESD and conditions to MC21. Disable Ditau reconstruction since it can be performed through other tests (https://gitlab.cern.ch/atlas/athena/-/blob/main/Reconstruction/tauRec/python/TauConfig.py,https://gitlab.cern.ch/atlas/athena/-/blob/main/Reconstruction/DiTauRec/python/StandAloneDiTauBuilder.py)

Added also another scripts to test:

  • tau reconstruction using CA
  • tau reconstruction in data 22 for ART tests
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