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Implement AFP ToF delta z trigger

Hanfei Cui requested to merge hanfei/athena:hanfei-afptof-delta-z into main
  • TrigAFPToFHypo package

    • GenericMonitoringTool for monitoring vertex counts and vertex positions
    • Refine vertex handling when multiple vertices in AFP or ID
  • AFPMenuSequence

    • Add lines to collect histograms generated by the monitoring tool in the hypo package
    • Set delta Z cut for afpdz5 and afpdz10 as +- 5 or 10 mm
  • Add chains to the Dev_pp_run3_v1 and PhysicsP1_pp_lowMu_run3_v1 menu

    • Need prescale
  • HLT_2j20_ftf_mb_afprec_afpdz10_L1RD0_FILLEDTests

    • MC detector hits: successful run but low statistic (10^1) AFP vertices over 10^5 events
    • RAW data: successful run but no AFP vertex due to outdated calibration parameters (can be updated via CondDB)
    • `runTrigART`: OK after applying patch to trigger reference files


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