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Adding new DIPZ scenario to HLTJetHypo

Ines Ochoa requested to merge miochoa/athena:main-miochoa-dipz into main

Adding new DIPZ (Z) scenario:

  • New MLPL condition with parameters dipz_njet for number of jets considered and working point cut dipz_mlpl (based on the math here)
  • New MAXMULT prefilter to select maximum number of jets to loop over
  • Can be used in the preselection

JIRA ATR-28352 Jet Hypo Debug logs

Tagging @dguest, @maboelel, @kleney and @cpollard for DIPZ, @xingguo, @cantel, @peter, @khoo, @valentem for jet trigger expertise, @lbeemste, @lshi for b-jet trigger.

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