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Draft: Cherry-pick of changes necessary for saving hits in 23.0 branch

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge (removed):hitfixes_23.0 into 23.0.20-patches


We want to launch MC samples with the exact same conditions as mc23a/c conditions including some information about hits that does not exist in 23.0. After this is merged we would request a patch to be built and reconfigure the following r-tags to point to this patch (*).

@jchapman @nstyles @jcatmore let us know if you think the above procedure is correct

(I guess we should make sure the MR also uses the proper labels)

(*) Currently the tags above do not run because of the trigger mis-configuration between 24.0.14 (on which the tags are based) and 23.0.20 (on which the mc23 campaigns are based) discussed in ATR-28452

Changes included

Main code

And also some necessary changes that came with it


Tested with

asetup Athena,

# Command with which the code was tested
--CA 'default:True' 'RDOtoRDOTrigger:False' \
--autoConfiguration 'everything' \
--conditionsTag 'default:OFLCOND-MC23-SDR-RUN3-02' \
--geometryVersion 'default:ATLAS-R3S-2021-03-02-00' \
--multithreaded 'True' \
--postInclude 'default:PyJobTransforms.UseFrontier' \
--preInclude 'all:Campaigns.MC23a' 'RDOtoRDOTrigger:TrigInDetConfig/' \
--steering 'doOverlay' 'doRDO_TRIG' 'doTRIGtoALL' \
--inputRDO_BKGFile="/pnfs/" \
--inputHITSFile="/pnfs/" \
--outputAODFile="AOD.33799149._005001.pool.root.1" \
--maxEvents=1 \
--preExec "all:ConfigFlags.BTagging.Trackless = True;ConfigFlags.BTagging.Trackless_JetPtMin = 20" \
--postExec HITtoRDO:"from OutputStreamAthenaPool.OutputStreamConfig import OutputStreamCfg; cfg.merge(OutputStreamCfg(ConfigFlags, \"RDO\",[\"SiHitCollection#*\"]))" \

The code runs without errors

FYI @dguest @fdibello @bdong @ligang @svanstro @hartman @coccaro @mtanasin @rkusters

Edited by Spyros Argyropoulos

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