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Tgc digitization introduce conditions algorithms to load the tgc calibration data

Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge jojungge/athena:AddTgcCondAlgs into main

Hi everybody,

in while cleaning the TgcDigitMaker, I noticed that there's quite some external data loaded that should be uploaded to COOL or a central place on cvmfs.

dead chamber data The TgcCondDbAlg is revived to load the gas gaps that are declared as dead. Instead of a blank ASCII file, the payload is now in the JSON format:

     "station" : "T1F",
     "eta"     : "1",
     "phi"     : "4",
     "gasGap"  : "3",
     "comment" : " A03 M1 f0  F  L3  broken chamber since Run-1"

The script MuonCondDump.dumpTgcDigiDeadChambers translates the legacy format into the new JSON style.

python -m MuonCondDump.dumpTgcDigiDeadChambers --inFile TGC_Digitization_deadChamber.dat --outFile TGC_Digitization_deadChamber.json
python -m MuonCondDump.dumpTgcDigiDeadChambers --inFile TGC_Digitization_2016deadChamber.dat --outFile TGC_Digitization_2016deadChamber.json
python -m MuonCondDump.dumpTgcDigiDeadChambers --inFile TGC_Digitization_NOdeadChamber.dat --outFile TGC_Digitization_NOdeadChamber.json

energy threshold data Today, this information is written into the TGC_Digitization_energyThreshold.dat file. The TgcDigitEnergyThreshCondAlg wil retrieve the data from COOL. As for the dead-chamber data, the payload is in the JSON format and the script dumpTgcDigiThreshold translates the legacy file format.

     "station"  : "T4F",
     "eta"      : "-1",
     "phi"      : "23",
     "gasGap"   : "2",
     "isStrip"  : "1",
     "threshold": "0.000798"
python -m MuonCondDump.dumpTgcDigiThreshold

*** TgcDigitJitterData *** The time jitter is parsed via the TgcDigitJitterData. Despite of holding the jitter bins, the class also draws the random jitter using the CLHEP::RandomEngine. The JSON payload is of the form

     "angle"   : "0",
     "nBins"   : "41",
     "values"  : ["0.0805","0.1412","0.0998","0.0782","0.0687","0.0646","0.0638","0.0623","0.0519","0.0447","0.0395","0.0348","0.0311","0.0231","0.0215","0.0194","0.0142","0.0139","0.0091","0.0075","0.0050","0.0045","0.0038","0.0034","0.0025","0.0024","0.0012","0.0015","0.0012","0.0010","0.0005","0.0005","0.0008","0.0009","0.0003","0.0002","0.0004","0.0001","0.0000","0.0000","0.0000"]

The dumpTgcDigiJitter converts the legacy format into the new format

python -m MuonCondDump.dumpTgcDigiJitter

Corresponding unit tests are added to the MuonCondTest package.

For the moment, the algorithms are not yet in the production workflow because the folders in COOL are missing. Tagging @formica, @cheidegg, @masato, @junpei, @toshi for information and for the request to create the corresponding folders in COOL and to populate them.

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