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B-physics trigger: remove BPhys filter at FastElectron step for bBeeM6000 chains (ATR-28162)

Vladimir Lyubushkin requested to merge lyubushk/athena:bBKee into main

This MR removes the additional TrigMultiTrkComboHypo filter at FastElectron step for all HLT_2e5_lhvloose_bBeeM6000 chains, needed for R(K*) analysis. These chains are intended to find all well-separated electrons, i.e. HLT electrons which come from different RoIs.

But these chains are always executed with the chains for the close-by electrons, HLT_e5_lhvloose_bBeeM6000, (same 'RATE:CPS_BKeePrimary' group). So that, we cannot gain any real CPU savings since all FastElectrons will be transfered to the next steps as required by HLT_e5_lhvloose_bBeeM6000 algs.

I've also removed the cut for GSF track pT. The ET requirement for HLT_e5_lhvloose electron seems to be enough.

CC @abarton @jakoubek @dmankad

Edited by Vladimir Lyubushkin

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