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adding flag to define config file for HLT large-R pflow jet calibrations

Ines Ochoa requested to merge miochoa/athena:main-miochoa-trigLJcalibflag into main
  • Adding a new Trigger.Jet.pflowLJCalibKey flag that sets the calibration to be used for HLT large-R PFlow jets.
  • Updating JetRecoCommon to read the new flag (rather than the previous hard-coded default).

The new flag default value is TrigSoftDrop, which keeps the current definitions (i.e. uses the MC16 recommendations for UFO CSSKSD jets JES_MC16recommendation_R10_UFO_CSSK_SoftDrop_JMS_01April2020 as defined in

Therefore, nothing is expected to change. This MR is in preparation for testing new dedicated HLT large-R jet calibrations being derived by @ibamwidh in ATR-26647.

Tagging also @mobelfki, @cantel and @xingguo

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