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Draft: HepMcParticleLink change to cope with barcode vs ID

John Chapman requested to merge jchapman/athena:HMPL_Barcode2_main into main

Transient HepMcParticleLink objects can now be built using either GenParticle::id() or the GenParticle barcode Attribute as the unique ID for the particle.

HepMcParticleLink TP converters work for most use-cases. Some awkwardness for links to GenParticles that have been cut from the McEventCollection, mostly in deciding whether the unique ID is a barcode or an id. The value is preserved though, so the links can still be used to group EDM objects linked to the same truth particle.

Wrote HepMcParticleLink_p3 - based on GenParticle::id(). This works as well as the existing HepMcParticleLink_p1/p2 versions.

Updated the InDetSimEventTPCnv package to work with the updated transient HepMcParticleLink class.

Still need to update other clients.

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