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Draft: Attempt to use NSW for Beam-Background veto

Walter Lampl requested to merge wlampl/athena:NSWVeto into 24.0

Related to the discussion in ATLASNCB-27.

This MR generalizes the BeamBackgroundFiller.cxx to work with NCB_TrackMuonSegments from either CSC for NSW. I renamed most variables to 'SW'-something as 'small wheel', either old or new. All cuts, etc are unchanged wrt the Run-2 version.

The problem: With this setup, we veto 23 out of the 25 events of the standard q449 test (eg Run-3 data reco). The default input of q449 is

As next step, I'll try with an input-file from this year.

cc @ekay, @echapon, @emoyse, @jojungge

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