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Draft: [ATR-28536][ATR-28717] Working towards a trigger EDM refactor and integrating R4 into the EDM (part B)

Tim Martin requested to merge tamartin/athena:EDMRefactorB into 24.0

Follows from !68370 (merged)

I would like some input on these proposed changes, cc @cantel, @okuprash, @wiedenma, @fwinkl before un-drafting (also I am trampling over some bjet changes I need to undo before un-drafting)

Here in part B, I aim to make the following changes

  • Change the signature of getTriggerEDMList to require the config flags (but make it such that it doesn't crash if you supply None for some e.g. standalone test use cases). Update all clients.
  • Introduce a new function, getRawTriggerEDMList which takes flags. Every user of the TriggerEDMRun3.TriggerHLTListRun3 should obtain this list via this function such that every client gets a consistent copy. Updated all clients.
  • Mark the internal functions inside TriggerEDM with an initial underscore.
  • Removed unused functions inside TriggerEDM.
  • Move the addExtraCollectionsToEDMList function from the TriggerEDMRun3 file to the TriggerEDM file.

To follow in the next part:

  • Attempt to refactor addHLTNavigationToEDMList using the new flags.Trigger.ExtraEDMFunction - this will be hard...
  • Add caching to the getRawTriggerEDMList function.
  • Make it harder to obtain TriggerEDMRun3.TriggerHLTListRun3 without going via getRawTriggerEDMList(flags, 3), maybe wrap this list in a simple class.
  • Connect up the Run 4 EDM file
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