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Draft: CPAlgs: add option to delay sub-blocks until after another block

Joseph Earl Lambert requested to merge jolamber/athena:main-delay-subblocks into main

For sub-blocks, you can specify pos when adding the algorithm to the ConfigFactory or TextConfig classes. The block will then be configured at the same time as the other sub-blocks but not be added to the config sequence until the pos block has been added.

As an example,

from JetAnalysisAlgorithms.JetJvtAnalysisConfig import JetJvtAnalysisConfig
        config.addAlgConfigBlock(algName="JVT", alg=JetJvtAnalysisConfig,
            superBlocks="Jets", pos="OverlapRemoval")

will run JVT after overlap removal but not require any changes to the yaml file.

In this example, if there was no OverlapRemoval block in the configuration, the JVT block would be added where it would have been added if pos was not specified.

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