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Adding the SUSY6 features to LLP1, JIRA: ATLASG-2690

Daiya Akiyama requested to merge dakiyama/athena-llp-2:daiya_DAOD_LLP1LLP2 into main

For Whom It May Concern,

The SUSY6 derivations continuation was discussed in the derivation meetings, and it was concluded that this derivation format will be merge with the LLP1 format.

For this reason, we have opened the following Jira Ticket: ATLASG-2690

We have chatted with the LLP1 community and haven't gotten an objection to the merger.

Let us know how you would like to proceed. Sincerely Ismet Siral and Daiya Akiyama on Behalf of SUSY dE/dx analysis.

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