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Add MC Hits to AOD

Mateus Hufnagel requested to merge mhufnage/athena:LArClusterDumper-MC into main

This MR is to include:

  • At LArClusterCellDumper/CaloThinCellsInAODAlgConfig adds LArEMBHits mapped from Clusters region, and writes to AOD.
  • Some error treatment at EventReaderAlg init.
  • Input containers at EventReaderAlg renamed to match AOD CaloThinCellsInAODAlg outputs.

This development is in the context of the QT of @mhufnage, related to cross-talk mitigation studies at LAr Calorimeter.

ping @gunal, @laforge, @pavol, @eegidiop, @lucianom

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