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athena+AthConfigFlags: unify perfmon/pmon command line options

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge fwinkl/athena:ath_perfmon into 24.0

Replace the --pmon MODE command line option with --perfmon [MODE] for legacy and CA mode. For example:

  • --perfmon: runs FastMonMT in legacy and CA
  • --perfmon MODE: selects the given mode (fastmonmt, fullmonmt)

The non-MT PerfMonSvc can still be selected via --perfmon perfmon if needed.

Additional changes:

  • add PerfMonMTSvcCfg to MainServicesCfg
  • make PerfMonConfigHelpers also work for non-transforms
  • TrigValSteering: adapt to --pmon/perfmon renaming
  • TileRecEx, TileMonitoring, Run3DQTestingDriver: use default --perfmon command line argument instead of re-implement it (cc @harkusha @ponyisi)

cc @wlampl @amete @cmarcon @tovsiann @tadej

Edited by Frank Winklmeier

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