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CP algorithms: Store b-tagging decision per systematic

Oliver Majersky requested to merge omajersk/athena:ftag-per-syst-cpalgo into main

As the title says, at the moment the jet b-tagging decision in CP algorithms is stored in output NTuple only for nominal variation, not for systematics. The issue is that we also include kinematic selection to ensure the tagged jets are within a region of validity of the tagging. This breaks the assumption that only nominal value is necessary to store.

Here I propose a simple fix for now, to just store the decision per-systematic. Perhaps this can be streamlined in a different manner, but that requires a separate discussion probably, e.g. if we drop the validity selection for the decision and let the user manage this or not. In addition if in future pT-dependent selection for b-tagging is introduced, we will anyway have a per-systematic output variable for the decision.

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