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DerivationFrameworkJetEtMiss: Updating harcoded Run3 jet trigger list for JETM1 and JETM6 (ATLJETMET-1717)

Claire Antel requested to merge cantel/athena:24.0_update_jetm1_triglist into main


Since the trigger API currently does not return a complete list of jet trigger chains for Run 3 (see for instance ATLJETMET-1717), we previously hardcoded an additional list of jet triggers to append to the trigger skimming list. This list has grown significantly out of date since 2022 and also unfortunately contains typos.

To avoid this issue from now on, the jet trigger list is compiled dynamically for Run3 input using both the triggerAPI result and a jet trigger list (anything matching "HLT_\d*j\d+") compiled from the file metadata of enabled triggers for that input. A veto list is used to remove unnecessary chains containing certain keywords and so shorten the compiled trigger list. The veto list is ['PhysicsTLA', 'calratio', 'emergingPTF', 'dispjet', 'trackless', 'hitdvjet', 'bgn1', 'bgn2', 'bdl1', 'boffperf', 'xe', 'afprec', 'LArPEBHLT', 'TAU', 'XE', 'L1jLJ'] - TLA, LLP and b-jet triggers are removed, along with some combined or detector-related chains.

Previously, the hardcoded list was hardcoded in two places, JETM1 and JETM6. Now a common function defined in is used in both places.



In addition, the size impact was evaluated on a data24 JETM1 DAOD (data24_13p6TeV.00475192.physics_Main AOD input):

current release: on DAOD_JETM1: Size: 12914.460 kb Nbr Events: 310

this MR: on DAOD_JETM1: Size: 8983.480 kb Nbr Events: 211

The size impact is likely smaller (good!) because of the use of the veto list, which is applied on the triggerAPI result as well (the triggerAPI returns PhysicsTLA chains for example, which can increase event acceptance a lot due to their low threshold and general overlap with the physics main menu).


Some jet trigger chains are removed with respect to before the change, but these were either nonsense ones (non-existent in menu ever) or chains not needed for studies. New jet chains are added, notably, Phase-I L1 seeded calibration chains, Phase-I L1 seeded primary multijet chains, all primary HT chains and HLT_j0_perf_pf_ftf_L1RD0_FILLED (previously not added because of typo).

The DAOD output size may actually decrease for data derivations (tested on JETM1) - see above.

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