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Do not run ChronoStatSvc in MT jobs

Walter Lampl requested to merge wlampl/athena:DervKrnl_noChronoStatMT24 into 24.0

While looking at a Tier0 log-file, I noticed that we still run ChronoStatSvc in MT jobs. The output of ChronoStatSvc isn't reliable in the MT case.

I found two places where ChronoStatSvc was instantiated:

  1. TGCCablingDbTool but it doesn't use it, so simply removed it.
  2. DerivationKernel. In this case I introduced a new property to switch the usage of ChronoStatSvc on/off depending on the flag Concurrency.NumThreads. I updated only the configuration of the kernels running at the Tier0, not the other ~70 files.

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