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TruthClassification on muons in jet

Michele D'Andrea requested to merge midandre/athena:muOriginLabel into 24.0

This MR, following the previous one (!69231 (merged)), aims to create a truth labeling for muons within the jet at the Ftag derivation level.

To achieve this, the TruthClassificationTool is employed. Taking a muon/electron as input, this tool outputs the origin of the particle if it belongs to either of these two leptons. This tool represents a more accurate alternative to ftagTruthTypeLabel concerning muons, as it consolidates truth information at both the ID and MS levels (more detailed information can be found in this thread of messages on Mattermost).

TruthClassification Output --> link

The output of theTruthClassificationTool is thus mapped to a labeling as closely aligned as possible with ftagTruthOriginLabel. During this process, a label is manually generated by comparing with ftagTruthOriginLabel for muons originating from the B meson decay chain [B-->X+D(-->mu + Y)], as this specific label is not included in the output provided by the TruthClassificationTool.

As a final step, the muon tracks are decorated with a new label called ftagTruthMuonOriginLabel.

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