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jFEX jet and forward electron updates

Ralf Gugel requested to merge rgugel/athena:jfexJetAndFEMupdate into 24.0

This MR updates the jFEX simulation to accurately reproduce the latest firmware behavior at P1.

For jets this introduces the improved multi-jet behavior to simulation. By selectively enlarging the seed exclusivity windows/lists the number of jet "duplication" (one physical jet yielding two nearby jJets) is greatly reduced. This is primarily achieved through an update of the relevant tower lists used in the determination of local maxima. Related jira ticket for the deployment of these updated lists:

As some of these lists were also used for forward electrons ("jEM" TOBs) the treatment of those needed to be reworked as well (as some of the modified jJet behavior is ot desired for jEMs). At the same time this MR reworks the jEM simulation a bit more as to (hopefully) eliminate last mismatches between jFEX firmware and simulation - local tests using (small amounts of) data from Run 472165 show perfect agreement, however, based on only a few events in that run for which jFEX input readout data is available.

These changes are somewhat urgently awaited at P1 in order to have meaningful monitoring and DQ assessment for jFEX for the imminent start of physics data taking

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