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Draft: b-tagging json-based efficiency tool

BinBin Dong requested to merge bdong/athena:json_eff_tool into main

The FTAG group is considering move onto a JSON-based CDI/configuration for user-end to perform b/Xbb-tagging. Instead of adding functionalities in the already chonky BTaggingSelectionTool and BTaggingEfficiencyTool, two new tools, BTaggingSelectionJsonTool(added in !69620 (merged)) and BTaggingEfficiencyJsonTool(in this MR), are added to handle the functionalities of returning if a jet is tagged at certain WPs, and the SFs and uncertainties related to the tagging.

As a starting point, a workflow has been tested for Xbb-tagging, where the calibration results are saved in multiple csv files are converted into one JSON file. Then this JSON file is used as input to config the tools.

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