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SUSYTools: Fix handling of Shower Type

Michael Donald Hank requested to merge mhank/athena:SUSYTools_ShowerType into main

This fixes the SUSYTools function getMCShowerType and the setup of the b-tagging efficiency tool for obtaining MC-MC SFs. The m_showerType corresponding to Sherpa 2.2.12 in Run3 is fixed to match the definition in ISUSYObjDef_xAODTool.h. The sample name parsing is fixed to read Sherpa samples with the format Sh_22XXin addition to Sherpa_22XX. gen_mc_generator_keys is made all upper case to allow matching for PowhegHerwig7,PhH7EG, AMCATNLOPY8, and AMCATNLOHERWIG7; which otherwise wouldn't be able to match as the comparison string uses ToUpper(). Finally, PhH7EG_H7UE is shortened to PhH7EG as Run3 samples have the string PhH7EG_A14.

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