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Add option for alternative ID track seeding for EFCB muon algorithm

Jonny Allen requested to merge jsallen/athena:jsallen-phaseii-efmuon into main

Add a new algorithm MergeInDetTracksAlg to the Trigger/TrigAlgorithms/TrigMuonEF/ package that merges inner detector tracks from Fast CB, IO and L2MT muons into one container that is used to seed the MuonCombinedInDetCandidateAlg algorithm. This should reduce the combinatorics in the MuonCombinedAlg, reducing CPU time.

This option comes with a flag set by default to False, such that the flag must be set to True to implement to new algorithm.

Packages edited: Trigger/TrigAlgorithms/TrigMuonEF Trigger/TriggerCommon/TriggerMenuMT MuonSpectrometer/MuonConfig

Tests run: -m -j4 ctest -j4

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