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Update photon conversion definition for Run-3 by exclude TRT

Mohamed Belfkir requested to merge mobelfki-main-patch-7f38 into main

This MR updates the photon conversion definition due to the Run-3 TRT issue [ ATLASEG-330]. Two major modifications are made.

  • The isConvertedPhoton is modified in PhotonxAODHelper and EgammaxAODHelper to return an unconverted photon if a TRT-converted photon is passed. The function uses an excludeTRT to apply the new changes.
  • The egamma tools are updated to consider the new definition, a flag excludeTRT is switched on if the run number is >= 410000 (Run-3 only). This follows the same MR: MR Please @gunal @ludovica review this.

@christos @mungo @ahabouel @adonofri @smanzoni @lnasella

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