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SUSYTools - Tau CP Updates

Michael Holzbock requested to merge miholzbo/athena:SUSYTools/TauCP-Updates into main

Two changes to address recent or foreseen changes in the Tau CP tools:

  • switch to IsFastSim flags
  • drop initialization of TauEfficiencyTool with a TauSelectionTool to allow !70515 get merged

While !70515 is motivated to let analysers follow the "one-tool-per-SF" paradigm, we stay at one "total" TauEfficiencyTool in SUSYTools for the moment (instead of an individual tool for the Reco, ID, EleOR and EleID SFs) as we don't have any interface to let users access these individual SFs at the moment (and there is no large motivation to provide it at this stage).

Tagging @mhank and @salderwe for ST, as well as @martindl and @ademaria for Tau CP.

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