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Move DiTauLowPt collection to LCTopo seed and add cluster info

Antonio De Maria requested to merge ademaria/athena:ditau_lowpt_update into main

As start of the unification of the DiTau high/low pt collections, move the low pt collection to be seeded by LCTopo LargeR jet instead of EMPFlow LargeR jet. Performance studies about different seeds are available in: showing the advantage of LCTopo over PFlow seed.

Additionally, since it's not possible to save clusters directly for TauID training studies, decorate DiTau object with "f_core" variable extracted from cluster information. The impact of this additional variable was evaluated running PHYS derivation over 1000 events in MC and Data and results of checkxAOD output are attached:





-> the overall increase in size is at per mille level, so almost negligible

Tagging @ntamir , @oasulin , @davannic and @martindl for TauCP

Tagging also AMG and derivation coordinators @ekourlit , @gwatts and @emmat

Note: no changes for xAOD content, only in DxAOD

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