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Trigger Menu developments ATR-29609: moving XE300 and XE30 to the MC menu

Francesco Curcio requested to merge fcurcio/athena:TM-18Jun24 into 24.0

Moved the following chains

ChainProp(name='HLT_noalg_L1XE300', l1SeedThresholds=['FSNOSEED'], stream=['Main'], groups=['PS:NoBulkMCProd']+PrimaryLegGroup+METStreamersGroup),
ChainProp(name='HLT_noalg_L1XE30',  l1SeedThresholds=['FSNOSEED'], stream=['Main'], groups=['PS:NoBulkMCProd']+SupportLegGroup+METStreamersGroup),

from Physics to Menu together with the corresponding L1 items

tagging @gipezzul @lidiaz for Trigger Menu changes

Edited by Francesco Curcio

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