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Tag to be used with the main branch of atlas/athena.
Update(s) since 2.0.168:
  - Updated GDB to version 13.2, while accounting for dependency changes in resolveAtlasAddr2Line;
  - Updated Acts to version v28.2.0;
  - Removed many outdated AtlasLCG modules;
  - Made Findsetuptools.cmake more robust for finding the module in different LCG versions;
  - Made AtlasCMake and AtlasLCG use C++20 with GCC 13+ by default;
  - Improved/fixed the C++20 build support in Boost, Eigen and Geant4;
  - Made CheckerGccPlugins ignore standard violations in code generated by GoogleTest, and switched it to using egrep instead of grep;
  - Introduced x86_64-el9-gcc13 builds in the CI.