Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 1.0.36
    Tag to be used with the 21.X branches of atlas/athena.
    Updates in this tag:
      - Turned off the build of (most of) the static Boost libraries, keeping only the dynamic ones;
      - Fixed the dictionary error in the BAT build that showed up when that build was switched to be performed out-of-source;
      - Added KLFitter to the build of AnalysisBaseExternals and AthAnalysisExternals.
  • 2.0.4
    Tag to be used with the master branch of atlas/athena.
    Updates since the last tag:
      - Fixed the dependency setup for generating .pyc files, which could produce a broken build setup in some cases previously;
      - Tweaked the logic of lcg_generate_env(...) not to print false warnings in some cases;
      - Updates to the GCC checker code from Scott;
      - Added a standalone version of Davix and updated the version of XRootD, updating the build of ROOT to use these new externals. Updated AthAnalysisExternals to build Davix and XRootD.
      - Updated GDB to version 8.1;
      - Removed DMTCP from the repository;
      - Updated all LCG based projects to LCG_93a.
  • 1.0.35
    Tag to be used with the 21.X branches of atlas/athena.
    Updates in this tag:
      - Sped up the build of LibXml2 and Python a little, by allowing the CMake build to use multiple processes for building these externals.
      - Added Davix 0.6.7 as a new external to AnalysisBaseExternals and AthAnalysisExternals, to be able to use the latest HTTP based file access protocols with ROOT in the analysis releases.
      - Updated the XRootD package to build version 4.8.2. This is to fix the issue with reading files from older versions of dCache that showed up on certain grid sites. Added the build of XRootD to AthAnalysisExternals as well.
      - Removed the dmtcp package from the repository.
      - Fixed an issue introduced in 1.0.34 with the build of the .pyc modules, which would show up for some non-standard package layouts.
  • 1.0.34
    Tag to be used with the 21.X branches of atlas/athena.
    Main updates in this tag:
      - Fixed the build of HepMCAnalysis after the changes that were made in FastJet in the previous tag;
      - Minor changes to the Simage build;
      - Added the Findxz.cmake module, interesting mainly for the VP1 developers;
      - Updated to fjcontrib-1.033;
      - Updated FastJet and FastJetContrib to build correctly with the latest version of clang, now used on MacOS;
      - Added ACTS as a package. Not building it as part of any project though.
  • 2.0.3
    Collecting the following (more significant) updates:
      - Picking up some of the externals' sources from the ATLAS webpage now;
      - Introduced "purgeBuild" steps for some of the externals;
      - Updated the way HDF5 is built;
      - Some environment setup fixes for Qt5;
      - Updated the converter generator code to be compatible with Gaudi v30r2;
      - Improvements to the Python byte-compilation code;
      - Updated AthenaExternals to LCG_93;
      - Added ACTS as an external to AthenaExternals.
  • 1.0.33
    Tag to be used with the 21.X branches of Athena.
    Main updates in this tag:
      - Switched AthAnalysisExternals to LCG_93, and updated the standalone packages to build the same versions of the externals as what LCG_93 has;
      - Moved a bunch of source tar files to the new ATLAS EOS webserver;
      - Cleaned up the "find modules" a bunch, improving the suppression of locally installed libraries when using an LCG release;
      - The macOS builds now only build TGZ files with CPack by default;
      - Updated many packages to perform full/clean builds when they need to build a new version of their external;
  • 2.0.2
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Updated the "standalone externals" to be in sync with LCG_93, and updated AthAnalysisExternals to build against LCG_93;
      - Updated the CPack configuration to only build TGZ files on macOS;
      - Some small tweaks to how the python byte-code building targets would show up in IDEs like Xcode;
      - Update to atlas_add_test(...) to allow using any directory as the run directory for a given test;
      - Taught the code not to pick up .git/ directories while installing a release (relevant only for analysis repositories);
      - Added an optional NOEXEC argument to atlas_add_test(...) to allow for tests where the success of the build is the test itself;
      - Added Findlibffi.cmake to be able to set up this library for the runtime environment, which LCG_91's glib installation depends on.
  • 2.0.1
    Tag to be used with the master (22.0.1) branch of atlas/athena.
  • 2.0.0
    Retro-actively creating a 2.0.0 tag that corresponds to the "release/22.0.0" tag of atlas/athena.
  • 1.0.32
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Fixed the RPM dependency set up by FindHDF5.cmake, not to be confused by the HDF5 version that we may build ourselves;
      - Updated FindBoost.cmake to use Threads::Threads instead of CMAKE_THREAD_LIBS_INIT for setting up the pthread dependency for the Boost libraries;
      - Updated all projects to instruct CMake's FindThreads.cmake module to prefer the -pthread compiler flag instead of the -lpthread linker option.
  • 1.0.31
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Made the RPM building skip stripping binaries. To be able to use a non-standard linker during the build without the RPM building messing up the produced (static) libraries.
      - Fixed a problem that was introduced for the analysis python externals back in 1.0.26, when pip was added to the analysis releases.
      - Upgraded to lwtnn version v2.6.
      - Fixed FindHDF5.cmake so that it would find the HDF5 version provided by the analysis releases properly on lxplus.
  • 1.0.30
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Added a FindPNG.cmake module to AtlasLCG, and made sure that it would be able to find the PNG library from the LCG release;
      - Added libxml2 to AnalysisBaseExternals, and made the ROOT build make use of it;
      - Stopped the ROOT build from looking for BLAS, as that makes the build depend way too much on libraries available only on lxplus;
      - Made the dictionary generation code more robust in the CI system.
  • 1.0.29
    Collecting the LCG_91 updates/fixes from MR208 into a tag.
  • 1.0.28
    Collecting the following updates:
      - An update from Frank for making Ninja builds a bit more silent;
      - Upgraded the AthAnalysisExternals to use LCG_91, and the externals built by AnalysisBaseExternals to match the versions found in LCG_91.
  • 1.0.27
    Tag updating the APE build to take the source code from github.com/samikama/APE.git, where the latest updates of the code are collected.
  • 1.0.26
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Improved the PoolCnv/SerCnv library creation to handle the case correctly when a converter gets removed as part of a CI job;
      - Added some new IDE improvements for Xcode/VisualStudio users;
      - Added a path to the FastJetContrib build to make it work more robustly on macOS. (See: https://fastjet.hepforge.org/trac/changeset/1092)
      - Added HDF5 as an external to AnalysisBaseExternals and AthAnalysisExternals;
      - Silenced a previous git error/fatal message showing up when the source directory would not be a git repository;
      - The installation of python modules with atlas_install_python_modules(...) now byte-compiles the modules during the build, testing them for syntax errors;
      - RelWithDebInfo builds now have the ability to produce two RPMs, one holding the non-debug payload (as before), and an additional one that only holds the debug symbol files;
      - Added pip to both AnalysisBaseExternals and AthAnalysisExternals, to allow analysers to download additional python modules for their analysis.
  • 1.0.25
    Tag for fixing the RPM dependency issue introduced by 1.0.24, using a wrong name for the LCG LibXml2 dependency.
  • 1.0.24
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Added lwtnn to the AthDerivationExternals build;
      - Improved the Geant4 relocatability;
      - Updated to fjcontrib 1.030;
      - Added GPerfTools to the AthAnalysisExternals build;
      - Fixed the handling of libxml2 from Athena, so that it would be used properly from inside the LCG release.
  • 1.0.23
    Update for making Python (python-config) relocatable, allowing python modules to be built conveniently against a release/nightly from CVMFS.
  • 1.0.22
    Updates containing:
       - updates to make AnalysisBaseExternals build out of the box on top of macOS High Sierra with Xcode 9.0;
       - the ability to override (from the command line) which LCG version the LCG using external projects should build against;
       - a fix for building lwtnn on platforms providing an acceptable version of Boost, like Ubuntu 16.04;
       - a small fix for BAT to build correctly against LCG_91.