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Merge changes from developement of PBv3 test boards

Karol Krizka requested to merge pbv3 into master

Add symbols to lbl_adc:

  • LTC2451: Ultra-Tiny, 16-Bit ∆∑ ADC with I2C Interface
  • MAX11619: 10-Bit, 300ksps ADCs with FIFO and Internal Reference

Add symbols to lbl_dac:


Add symbols to lbl_amp:

  • INA826: Precision, 200-µA Supply Current, 3-V to 36-V Supply Instrumentation Amplifier with Rail-to-Rail Output
  • PGA116: Zero-Drift Programmable Gain Amplifier With Mux, x1/x2/x4/x8/x16/x32/x64/x128 gains

Add symbols to lbl_io:

  • MCP23008: 8-bit I/O expander, I2C, interrupts, w pull-ups

Add symbols to lbl_lvds:

  • ADN4661: Single, 3 V, CMOS, LVDS, High Speed Differential Driver
  • ADN4662: Single, 3 V, CMOS, LVDS Differential Line Receiver
  • PI3PCIE3212: 3.3V, PCI Express 3.0, 1-Lane, 2-Channel, 8Gbps, 2:1 Mux/DeMux Switch w/ Single Enable

Add symbols to lbl_power:

  • ADP122: 5.5 V Input, 300 mA, Low Quiescent Current, CMOS Linear Regulator

Add symbols to lbl_conn:

  • Conn_02x100_Row_Letter_First: 200 pin connector

Add footprints to lbl_strips:

  • pbv3: PBv3 wirebond connections

Add footprints to lbl_conn:

  • BigPad: A 5mm x 5mm pad
  • Sullins_edgeCard_200: Sullins edge card connector (GBB100DHAN)
  • Sullins_EdgeCard_CardSide_200: Card side for GBB100DHAN

Add footprints to lbl_holes:

  • RoundStandoffThreaded4-40: Threaded standoffs

Add footprints to lbl_strips:

  • pbv3: PBv3 holder with fastening nuts
  • pbv3_nonuts: PBv3 holder
  • Sullins_EdgeCard_CardSide_200_pbv3_massive: Card side for GBB100DHAN modified for PBv3 massive carrier card.

Add footprints to lbl_packages:

Add footprints to lbl_adafruit:

  • adafruit_ft232h_nohole_nooutline: simplified outline for connecting the Adafruit FT232H breakout

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