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Merge in PBv3 Work

Karol Krizka requested to merge pbv3_kk into master


  • Adding syntastic config file
  • Add more search paths to the FTDI CMake module


  • Update required packages
  • Add "bare OS" build test to check missing dependency handling


  • Add tempsense_monitor as an example for communicating with HIH6130
  • Add libDevCom library for control of ICs
  • Move AMACv1 class to libDevCom and have it use I2C functionality from there


  • log -> logger in logging functionality
  • Add TTI power supplies to libGPIB
  • Add error checking to SerialCom::read return value
  • Start implementing a generic power supply interface
  • AgilentPs inherits from GenericPs
  • Add Keithley24XX::isOn


  • Add active test board code


  • Add all the code!
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