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WIP: Hardware configuration via configuration files

Simone Pagan Griso requested to merge sp-autoconf into master

Prototype implementation that allows to configure the hardware via JSON configuration files. For now just a prototype implementation that has:

  • a generic power supply class (rewritten)
  • an implementation of a class registry (not that different from YARR, just few tweaks)
  • an helper class to handle the hardware configuration easily and pass it along

There are several features implemented to make the job easier (e.g. classes holding their configuration, smart pointer to the various instances handled by the helper class, etc..). One thing I did not implement yet is abstracting the communication protocol, however I've reshuffled things (in this example) in a way that will make it much easier to implement that later when we want to.

The Rigol PS is the only one that was adapted to the new generic class as example. Help will be needed to adapt the other classes following the example.

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