Fixes to temperature measurements.

Karol Krizka requested to merge kk_ptatrange into activeTB

The AMACv2::getPTAT function was missing the half voltage divider that is present on PBv3.2. This voltage divider puts the PTAT output into a range that can be measured by the AMAC. AMACv2::getPTAT now multiplies the PTAT measurement by 2 if using AMACstar (proxy for PBv3.2).

AMACv2::temperaturePTAT differentiates FEAST vs bPOL slope depending on AMAC version. AMACv2 means FEAST and AMACstar means bPOL. This is not correct for PBv3.1 (PPA), which is using AMACv2 with a bPOL. However v3.1 is also missing the voltage divider, which makes "room temperature" measurements difficult (should saturate AMAC measurement of PTAT).

Also fix the NTCx/y B values for the hybrid temperatures. The BOM for V3 revA says that Panasonic ERT-J0EM103J is being used with a B of 3435. This is consistent with the ITSDAQ implementation.

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