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End-cap R3: Reinitialise primary AMAC if not yet

Ben Bruers requested to merge bbrueers/powertools:reinitPrimaryAMAC into activeTB

End-cap R3 powerboards contain two AMACs. The OF of the second AMAC (the secondary) is steered via the OFOut of the first one (the primary AMAC). To test the OF of the secondary AMAC, the OFOut of the primary AMAC has to be set high. So the primary AMAC needs to be initialised. When testing the secondary AMAC, the primary one is usually already initialised, as its PADID was tested before any tests on the secondary AMAC are ran.

In some rare cases the primary AMAC looses its initialisation just before the secondary AMAC is tested. It is not clear why that occurs. But, re-initialising the primary AMAC solves the issue in a large fraction of cases.

This MR changes the behaviour of initialising the primary AMAC when testing the OF of the secondary AMAC. Instead of failing immediately, it is first attempted to re-initialise the primary AMAC.

This MR only affects end-cap R3 powerboards.

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