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Tag to be used with the master/22.0 branch of atlas/athena.
Update(s) since 2.0.140:
  - Updated CheckerGccPlugins with the following:
    * Skip checking of _rootcint.cxx files.
    * Replace the hardcoded list of directory names for code that is to be considered thread-safe with a configuration parameter.
    * For warnings about calling non-const methods via a pointer member from a const method, realize that unique_ptr::get() also returns the pointer.  Treat it like operator->.  Also fix an issue with suppressing this warning for unique_ptr.
    * Don't warn about overriding the non-const execute() method of Algorithm with a non-thread-safe method.
    * Fix warning suppression for ctor calls.
    * Remove references to ATLAS_CTORDOR_NOT_THREAD_SAFE workaround.
    * Warn about writing via a pointer member in a const member function.