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Tag to be used with the master branch of atlas/athena.
Update(s) since 2.0.56:
  - atlas_add_test(...) now always runs the post-processing script (if one is defined), even if the test executable failed;
  - Updates to CheckerGccPlugins;
  - atlas_generate_cliddb(...) no longer generates/uses a dummy_clid.db file;
  - atlas_project(...) now only calls FindDoxygen.cmake if absolutely necessary;
  - Fixed the patching of Acts when building the project with Clang;
  - Added pyAMI to the list of modules built by the PyModules package;
  - Added the AthGenerationExternals project to the master branch;
    * Updated the build configurations of FastJet(Contrib) and HepMCAnalysis to accommodate the "new" project.