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Tag to be used with the master branch of atlas/athena.
Update(s) since 2.0.58:
  - Added onnxruntime-1.1.1 to AthenaExternals;
  - Updates to CheckerGccPlugins for allowing thread-unsafe functions in certain situations without warnings;
  - Updated AtlasCMake/scripts/ to know about the latest LCG repositories;
  - Suppressed a warning from Clang when generating dictionaries using Ninja as the build system;
  - Updated AthAnalysisExternals to use LCG_96b;
  - Updated all externals built by AnalysisBaseExternals to be in sync with the versions available in LCG_96b;
    * This included updating FastJet to version 3.3.2, which is used by most projects;
  - Reimplemented atlas_add_alias(...) to eliminate a dependency problem that it had;
  - Removed the build of FastJetContrib from all LCG based projects, and made all of them build a patched version of FastJet.