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Tag to be used with the master branch of atlas/athena.
Update(s) since 2.0.59:
  - Updated the version of GeoModelCore and GeoModelIO to 3.1.1;
    * Added a package for building GeoModelTools, but kept the package excluded from AthenaExternals for now;
    * Being able to compile GeoModelTools in a standalone setup also required adding a package for building XercesC;
  - Updated to Acts 0.18.0;
  - Cherry picked the missing macOS Catalina fixes from the 1.0 branch;
  - Added multiple updates to CheckerGccPlugins;
  - Taught flake8_atlas to recognise even more ways in which people may set the OutputLevel on components explicitly;
  - Added some fixes to AtlasLCG and VP1LightExternals to make it possible to build that project in "standalone mode" once again;
  - Added a fix to atlas_add_test(...), so that it would report failures correctly when is not available during the build.